Cargo Ship Slammed Into The Piers Of Bridge Under Construction


A dry cargo ship hits the piers of the bridge under construction in the Kerch Strait on 19th March 2016.


The pier number 80 was damaged, including piles of 1,020mm diameter and 58 meters long, as well as crossbars and pile heads after the cargo ship slammed into the bridge.

The vessel deviated from the recommended route near buoys 21 and 23a when sailing down the Kerch-Enikalsky canal and then hit the construction elements of the bridge, reports say.  The “Crimean Bridge” information center said that “changing the piers will not affect the date of putting the technological bridge into operation.”

Fortunately, the nine crew members on board the vessel did not sustain any injury.  The dry cargo ship was put on raid at Taganrog’s port.

Source: TASS


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