Cargo Ship Spills Oil in Honolulu Harbor


According to an article published in Time, the U.S. Coast Guard says a cargo ship has spilled oil into Honolulu Harbor.

What happened?

Coast Guard Petty Officer 2nd Class James Connor said local and federal officials are working on cleanup after a 433-foot (132-meter) container ship spilled oil during a fueling operation.

It is not immediately clear how much oil spilled or how much fuel the vessel holds. It’s owned by the U.S. shipping company Matson Inc.

Booms and absorbent material placed around the ship

Absorbent material was placed around the ship and about 120 gallons of oil has been recovered so far.

A Coast Guard flight confirmed oil has leaked outside a containment area and is washing ashore across the harbor on Sand Island. Officials say there are no reports of wildlife being injured.

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Source: Time


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