Cargo Ships Collide at a Bay in Russia



In an apparent incident that occurred on Tuesday, two general cargo ship collided with each other.

What happened?                       

The general cargo ship Volzhskiy 47 collided with freighter Volga 4051 at Taganrog Bay on half a mile from the leading buoy of the Yeysk approaching channel in Russia.

Vessels suffer damage:

The accident occurred on May 2 and both vessels suffered damages, but fortunately without causing injuries among the crew and water pollution.

The freighter Volga 4051 was manoeuvring to approach the port, carrying 5,400 tons of coal, when her course was crossed by outbound general cargo ship Volzhskiy 47, which causing a collision. The inbound freighter stuck into the midships port board of the outbound cargo ship.

Following the collision, Volga 4951 got breaches above the waterline, while the freighter Volga 4051 suffered damages in the layers at length of about 12 m, as well as deformation and breaking of the upper deck. Both ships remained afloat and reported the accident to the local authorities.

No injuries reported:

There were no reported injuries and no water pollution during the accident. The both vessel were detained for further investigation, repairs and special surveys.

The traffic at the shipping way in Yeysk approaching channel in Russia was not affected.

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