Cargo Ships Take Passengers as Well!


Cargo Ships Take Passengers as Well!


Shipping company CMA CGM had been allowing two to 14 passengers on board its cargo ships.  The price per day on board its ships is 100 euros, or about $110 which includes food and provides access to the ship’s library, sports equipment, video room and swimming pool.  More than 600 passengers have travelled in CMA CGM container ships since 2012.

The CMA CGM website says that passengers can organize a tailor-made trip to New York harbor through the Panama Canal via Hong Kong, Papeete or many other captivating destinations.  The CMA CGM Marco Polo, is taller than the Empire State Building.  Passengers on board the Marco Polo stay in one of five “modern” double cabins, eat meals with the crew and go on an “around the world” adventure in 83 days, from northern Europe to the U.S. and Australia via the Panama Canal.

The German shipping company Rickmers Group accepts passengers on seven of its cargo ships.  The ports visited include Hamburg, Singapore, Shanghai, New Orleans, Houston and Philadelphia.  The intimate trip on a cargo vessel is preferable to a glamorous and glittering cruise ship with thousands of other passengers, impatiently jostling in the line for the buffet.  There is no dress code on Rickmers’ cargo vessels.

A 72-year-old Australian passenger comments that the food can be pretty ordinary.  The passengers on board cargo ships should expect the unexpected.  The MCC Marine website states that a trip can sometimes take between 8 and 135 days as per the segment(s) chosen.

Source: ABC News