Cargo Vessel Collided with Tanker in Kerch Strait


On December 13, a general cargo vessel reportedly collided with a berthed tanker at port located on Kerch Strait, Russia.

What happened?

The general cargo vessel ‘Sea Leader’ reportedly allided with a tanker ‘SVL Unity’ while it was unmooring at Kavkaz port, Kerch Strait, Russia. The cargo vessel was loaded with 4316 tons of Sunflower cake and was enroute to Izmir Turkey when the incident occurred. The tanker was loaded with diesel oil when it was berthed at Kavkaz port.

Vessels damaged:

Both the vessels sustained light damages during the allision and are currently detained at the Kavkaz port until further inspection.

IMRRA, assessed ‘SVL Unity’ as having an ‘amber’ risk rating, with a specific risk rating of 45% (07-APR-17), compared to the fleet average 34.8%.

Red: Poorest performing; Amber: Average value; Green: Good indicator.

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Source: Morvesti


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