Cargo Vessel Collision Near Dungeness


On August 8, two people were rescued after a 2,000-ton cargo vessel and a yacht collided in the English Channel.

What happened?

A mayday call was received by the Coast Guard and they scrambled to respond to the situation by dispatching a rescue helicopter from Lydd to the incident near Dungeness.

The cargo ship was on its way from Riga in Latvia to Shoreham in West Sussex.

The catamaran became entangled with the superstructure of the cargo vessel and its mast was destroyed.

Two people rescued

The lifeboat ‘Dungeness RNLI’ and ‘Dover RNLI’ lifeboat rescued two people from the yacht, who are understood to be safe and well.

Investigation initiated

The Maritime & Coastguard enforcement team and the duty surveyor are monitoring the situation.

Kaimes Beasley, maritime operations controller at Dover Coastguard, said: “Collisions are relatively infrequent. There did used to be quite a few collisions in this part of the world simply by virtue of the number of vessels in transit around the south coast. Now, statistically, there are fewer than one per year”.

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Source: Kent Online


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