Cargo Vessel Found Using Non-Compliant Bunker Fuel


Law enforcement officers of the Xuwei working group, from Lianyungang Maritime Safety Administration, cracked down on a dry cargo vessel on Wednesday (27 April) and found sulphur content of its bunker fuel to be five times higher than the permitted amount of 0.5%, reports Manifold Times.

The incident 

After collecting oil samples from Tongda XX*, inspection officers found the sulphur content was 2.44%, far exceeding the 0.5% limit permitted in China’s domestic atmospheric pollution prevention and emission control area (ECA).

The ship proceeded to switch the bunker fuel in question to a low sulphur fuel after being caught using the non-compliant bunker fuel.

Reason for the use

According to the authority, the ship owner acknowledged the use of high sulphur fuel in an air pollutant emission control area; the reason was due to the negligence of the crew and unfamiliarity of the regulations.

Final results

After the officers conducted the preliminary test, samples were sent to a third-party professional testing agency for more accurate results.

The final results showed that the fuel oil used in the ship had a sulphur content of 2.604%, which is five times the maximum permitted value (0.5%) in the emission control area.

It conclusively showed the ship used fuel exceeding the standard in the emission control area.


The maritime administration completed all the investigation and evidence collection process, as well as initiated an administrative case for this round of violations.

After the ship refuelled a low sulphur fuel that met the authorities’ standards, it was allowed to sail to sea after passing maritime inspection.

At present, the crew of the ship is actively cooperating with the rectifications and relevant follow-ups are ongoing.

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Source: Manifold Times


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