Cargo Vessel Runs Aground in Columbia River



Accident : Vessel grounding
Date : 14th November 2015
Vessel Involved : The Viking Emerald
Location : Columbia River near Woodland
Casualties : None
Pollution : Nil

The Viking Emerald, a 550-foot cargo vessel carrying automobiles had a  steering system failure and ran aground in the Columbia River near Woodland late Saturday afternoon.

There were no reports of injuries or pollution.  Foss Maritime tugs will tow the vessel to Longview for a Coast Guard inspection, said Petty Officer Amanda Norwood.  The time of the accident was 4:15 p.m. Its bow is stuck on the river bottom on the Washington side of the river, she added.

The vessel was en route from Tacoma to Portland and stranded just off the Woodland Bottoms area directly west of downtown Woodland.

The size of the vessel and proximity to shore made many passersby call Coast Guard, Norwood said. Information is sought regarding the size of the crew and the ownership of the vessel.

Source: TDN


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