Carisbrooke Shipping Cut Fuel Costs By 5-7% With Wärtsilä’s Solution


The technology group Wartsila has announced that its customer Carisbrooke Shipping has reported a saving of over 600 tons of CO2 emissions since the beginning of the year with the help of Wartsila’s Fleet Optimisation Solution, according to the company’s release.

Fleet Optimisation Solution

Since implementing FOS across 31 vessels in 2019, Carisbrooke Shipping has been using the platform to gather insights that have supported the UK-based dry bulk and general cargo ship operator in its objectives around reducing carbon emissions and ensuring fleet performance, which is core to the company’s current strategy.

Carisbrooke’s Fleet Operations Centre is responsible for monitoring vessel position, passage plans and routes, advising on maximising cargo intake, and monitoring vessel safety and performance. Around 25 vessels are reviewed daily and an average of 20 voyages are optimised per month. Having insight into the efficiency of a vessel at any given time enables the company to take action to optimise fuel consumption across its vessels.

Already, Carisbrooke Shipping has reported fuel savings of 5-7% since the roll-out of FOS, meaning it can continue to reduce its carbon footprint as part of its wider decarbonisation goals.

New clean technologies

With FOS, Carisbrooke’s Fleet Operations Centre staff have a deeper understanding of how the company’s globally-sailing fleet is performing. The solution also allows them to compare performance metrics between sister vessels and monitor the impact of new hull coatings and new clean technologies, all of which have an effect on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

With the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) regulation coming into effect within the next few months, ensuring compliance will be another key driver for maritime organisations like Carisbrooke Shipping to harness technology for greener shipping.

Owners and operators will need ways to make informed decisions on how to improve their CII ratings quickly and cost-effectively in the short term, whilst also keeping a long-term view in mind ahead of the 2025 revision to the scale.

A holistic platform

FOS is a holistic platform comprising a range of solutions that support users’ digitalisation goals and enable their decarbonisation trajectories, creating optimisations today that can underpin future efficiency decisions.

Wartsila Voyage transforms how vessels perform their journeys and ports manage their operations by leveraging the latest digital technologies.

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Source: Wartsila


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