Cathelco To Seek USCG Approval For Ballast Water System



Cathelco has signalled its intention to begin the testing of its Ballast Water Management (BWM) by sending a letter of intent to the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Type Approval.  The USCG test lays down that BMW system must kill micro-organisms in ballast water instead of making them unable to reproduce or inert as per the guidelines in approval procedure.

The most compact available UV treatment for the ballast uptake will also be tested as per the guidelines.  Cathelco will also follow a land based evaluation, with testing aboard the container ship.  This system is already in receipt of IMO approval together with AMS certification from the USCG.

The UV treatment systems is posed with a challenge of the varying turbidity of different types in sea and river water.  Whenever found high, this will block the UV rays ineffective.  Hence each system has its own solution for further dealing this issue.

Cathelco system uses a sensor to measure UV light remittance, adjust the power flow to save power.  The system’s inlet manifolds are also designed to channel the ballast flow into a helix, maximising the contact treatment time.  Cathelco have also installed a system with a high capacity of a flow rate.

Many ship owners are unable to arrive at a correct decision about usage of BMW systems for their vessels.  Probably the customers will have greater confidence in the system in possession of USCG approval and the same will be achieved in a short span of time.

Source: Cathelco


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