Causes And Prevention Of Smartphone Explosion



The increasing number of cases of popular smartphones catching fire, electric shocks and exploding has created some panic around the world.  The causes behind these traumatic experiences of these flashy gadgets are the large amounts of power that these gadgets guzzle and in turn produce a large amount of heat damaging the device or person.

The electronic devices consist of many tiny, sensitive components.  These components become smaller in size in case of laptop and smartphone making them more sensitive to heat.  Abnormal high temperatures can melt the plastic insulation and some other delicate metals like tin leaving devices malfunction.

The causes of explosion of these gadgets are usage of device while charging it, not making use of an original charger, using a car or tablet charger, prolonged charging, old batteries, physically-damaged batteries or using non-original batteries and phone covers with an integrated battery.  The various methods of prevention of explosion of device includes low-voltage charging, minimizing device’s exposure to direct sunlight, avoid overcharging and do not use the device while it’s being charged, and having a phone cover that allows for adequate heat dissipation.  The device should be kept in a ventilated area. If the phone is being used in moving car, it should be cooled by keeping an A/C vent on it.  The device should not exhaust to the extent that its whole of the battery drains off.  Instead the device should be charged in short bursts.  Even at home, it should not be kept in closed bag and remove the phone covers when it’s unnecessary.