Cavotec Wins $5 Million Shore Power Contract With Leading Global Shipping Company


  • Cavotec has secured a US$5 million order from a leading global shipping company to supply several PowerFit shore power units.
  • The PowerFit units are innovative, containerized solutions that enable ships to connect to electrical power at the dock, reducing the need to run diesel engines while in port.
  • The PowerFit shore power units are scheduled for delivery later this year.
  • Patrick Mares, President of the Ports & Maritime Division at Cavotec, emphasized that this partnership underscores the effectiveness and strength of Cavotec’s shore power systems in contributing to the decarbonization of ports and enhancing quieter port environments.

Cavotec Secures $5M Shore Power Deal with Global Shipper

Cavotec has signed a US$5 million order for shore power with a global shipping company, which includes several PowerFit shore power units, enabling vessels to connect to shore power while docked.

The delivery of the machines is scheduled for later this year.

Cavotec’s PowerFit units represent a breakthrough in shore power technology, offering complete containerized solutions for high-voltage vessel connections. By facilitating shore power connections, these systems can significantly reduce air and noise pollution in ports, according to Cavotec’s announcement.

”This partnership with a global shipping company is yet another confirmation of the strength of our offering,” said Patrick Mares, President of Ports & Maritime Division at Cavotec. “Our innovative shore power systems contribute to the decarbonization of ports worldwide as well as quieter port environments.”

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Source: container-news