CCRV: Pioneering Hydrogen-Fuelled Marine Research



The coastal-class research vessel (CCRV) will be powered by hydrogen through the use of fuel cells, Glosten said.

Coastal-class research vessels are typically designed and equipped to conduct scientific research and surveys in coastal waters near shorelines, estuaries and coastal habitats.

The regulations for using liquid hydrogen as bunker fuel are still being developed, Glosten said. It collaborated with the US Coast Guard (USCG) and ABS “to define a regulatory approval framework for the use of liquid hydrogen aboard a research vessel.”

Hydrogen-fuelled Designs

Hydrogen-fuelled ship designs need to incorporate safety aspects since hydrogen is both explosive and highly flammable, according to classification society Bureau Veritas.

“AIP shows that the CCRV design meets the technical requirements and safety standards of ABS, but more broadly, it validates the use of hydrogen-fuel-cell propulsion for medium-sized coastal vessels,” Glosten said.

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Source: Engine