Celebrating Seafarers And Promoting Safety At Sea


The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is launching the #SafetyTipsAtSea campaign for 2024 to recognize the invaluable contributions of seafarers in making the maritime sector a safer workplace. This initiative encourages seafarers to share their best safety practices and highlights the importance of safety in the industry.

#SafetyTipsAtSea Campaign

Seafarers are invited to participate by sharing pictures of themselves in their working environment, along with their top safety tips. This can include showcasing safety gear, specialized training, or any measures they take to ensure a safe workplace. The campaign, which uses the hashtag #SafetyTipsAtSea, aims to engage seafarers and raise awareness about maritime safety.

Day of the Seafarer

Celebrated on June 25, the Day of the Seafarer acknowledges the crucial role of seafarers in international trade, the global economy, and civil society. Established by a resolution at the 2010 Diplomatic Conference in Manila, the day encourages governments, shipping organizations, and companies to promote and celebrate the contributions of seafarers.

Crew Welfare Week and Awards

Coinciding with the Day of the Seafarer, the 4th edition of Crew Welfare Week takes place from June 25-27. This industry initiative highlights the essential role of seafarers and includes the 2024 Crew Welfare Awards ceremony. It presents an opportunity to show appreciation for the dedicated individuals working onboard and ashore, emphasizing their importance to the shipping industry.

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