Change These Habits To Save On Expensive Fuel Costs

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As there are more than 40 million drivers in the UK and fuel costs have remained unchanged throughout the country’s cost-of-living issue, many Britons are struggling to pay for their gasoline and diesel. Experts are now advising drivers to adopt tiny driving changes to reduce their fuel use in order to cope with the fuel increases, as reported by Express.

Driving habits

Experts advise drivers to keep their revs under 3,000 since the more a vehicle accelerates, the more fuel it will burn.

Drivers should always use the highest gear without taxing the engine and shift gears far more frequently than is comfortable.

Also, it is advised that drivers avoid braking abruptly because this might increase acceleration and fuel consumption.

Tyre pressure

No matter how long the trip, drivers should always check that their tyres are in good condition before starting out.

Underinflated tyres can increase fuel consumption by 0.6% to 3%, thus drivers should check their car’s manual for the recommended tyre pressure.

Keeping the proper tyre pressure will prolong tyre life and reduce fuel usage, which helps customers save money.

Remove excess weight

According to ATS Euromaster’s technical training manager, Paul Maynard, “Cars use more fuel the heavier they are. Try taking out items like golf clubs, roof racks, footballs, camping chairs, etc. Remove all unnecessary things off the roof to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency.”

Stop-start button 

Modern, newer cars are starting to appear more frequently with stop-start systems.

When the brake is released, the clutch is engaged, or the accelerator is depressed, the engine is intended to be shut off and restarted.

When stopped at a signal or in traffic, people can save money by leaving their car neutral or even turning off the engine.

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Source: Express


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