Charting the Seas of Latin America: Navigating the Complexities of Carriage of Goods

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Brazil’s ‘CT-e’ and Delivery of Cargo within Complex Customs Regulations

The UK P&I Club is actively involved in the Latin American and Caribbean region, which is a significant area of business for them. They have prominent Members whose principal place of business is in this region, and many of their entered ships frequently call at ports in Latin America and the Caribbean. Managing claims in this region poses challenges due to the multiple languages spoken (Spanish, Portuguese, English, Dutch, and French), different legal systems (mostly civil law), and diverse cultural approaches to business.

The Club specializes in handling claims related to various trades in the region, including tankers, dry bulk trade (both brown water and blue water), controlled-atmosphere containerized trade, and the growing number of Charter Members. These trades give rise to complex coverage and legal issues such as customs fines, smuggling of illegal narcotics, cargo claims, dock damage, damage to fixed and floating objects (FFO claims), and sanctions-related situations.

The Club’s team effectively manages claims in Central America, South America, the Caribbean from their New Jersey office, and in Mexico from their San Francisco office. They have a skilled and qualified team with the necessary expertise to handle claims in this fascinating and intricate region.

However, it is important to note that the information provided in this update is not definitive, and Club Members are encouraged to submit specific inquiries to the Club for thorough analysis.

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