Chemical Leak Aboard a Ship at Southampton Docks


On Wednesday, Fire crews were called to contain a “hazardous incident” where a container is reported to be leaking chemicals on a vessel at Southampton docks.

What happened?

Crews from St Mary’s, Winchester, Romsey, Redbridge and Cosham are attending the scene at Southampton docks. Hampshire Fire and Rescue were called at 14.21 on Wednesday afternoon.

There have been no casualties but a spokesperson said that the area has been cordoned off.

The container in question is reported to be leaking on board the Vecchio Bridge.

The ship is a twelve-year-old vessel measuring almost 295 by 32 metres.

Emergency services in place:

A spokesperson for World Southampton said:​ “We can confirm that 14:20 a member of staff found a container to be leaking on board the vessel Vecchio Bridge.”

“As a responsible port operator we have robust procedures and initiated an action program straight away.”

“We are working closely with the emergency services and details about the content of the cargo have been shared with them.”

“The fire brigade is on site and monitoring the situation which is contained on board the vessel.”

Other vessel operations suspended:

“As precaution, vessel operations on the Vecchio Bridge have been suspended. All other terminal operations are currently unaffected.”

Fortunately, during the incident no one was injured or pollution to the water was reported. The port officials have initiated investigation to determine how the leaking had occured.

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Source: Daily Echo


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