Chevron’s Global Carbon Capture, Utilization, And Storage Efforts

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Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) is the process of capturing carbon dioxide (CO2), either to prevent it from entering the atmosphere or to directly remove it from the atmosphere, then reusing the captured COin products such as cement or permanently storing that CO2 underground, says an article published on chevron.

Greenhouse gas emissions

It’s a tool Chevron is deploying to lower the carbon intensity of our existing assets.

The are also looking to grow our CCUS business and target third-party emitters as potential partners and customers. We believe deploying CCUS on a large scale is imperative to meeting the world’s goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Major projects

CCUS can help reduce the carbon intensity of industrial operations and is a critical component of meeting the global greenhouse gas reduction ambitions of the Paris Agreement.

Proposed projects

We are working together with other entities to develop carbon capture and storage opportunities around the globe, from technology pilots that are underway to proposed CCS projects that are in the early design and permitting stages. This includes working on the projects and with the organizations below to examine everything from capture to transportation to storage options at various sites.

Emerging opportunities

We are working with organizations and governments around the world to explore CCUS opportunities in various regions.

Technology pilots and investments

We are piloting technology and investing where it makes sense in order to help accelerate CCUS to advance a lower carbon future.

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Source: chevron


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