Chief Pirate Behind Hijack Of ORKIM HARMONY Arrested In Vietnam.



On June 12th, 2015, Malaysian Tanker, ORKIM HARMONY, carrying around 48000 barrels of RON95 gasoline heading toward port Kauntan from Melaka disappeared, following a pirate attack.  MMEA reported that at about 30 nautical miles from Johor Port of Tanjung, the contact with the vessel was lost.

The mastermind behind the hijack has now been arrested. Albert Yohanes, an Indonesian National was apprehended in West Jakarta last week by the Indonesian Navy.  Eight other pirates were apprehended in Vietnam late June.  It is unclear whether the hijackers will be tried in Indonesian courts or extradited to Malaysia for trial.

Once the pirates took control of the tanker Orkim Harmony, they re-painted its name as “KIM HARMON”.  On 18th June, the vessel was spotted by an Australian aircraft, off the coast of Pulau Redang, Malaysia.  The pirates fled when Malaysian Naval forces attempted a negotiation, but were later apprehended.  The cargo of 48000 barrels of RON95 gasoline belonging to M/s. Petronas and the crew of 22 members were rescued with no loss of life reported.  However, one crew member, the cook had been shot in the thigh.


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