Child Sex Trafficking in US



Some facts about the dark underworld of US:

  1. Poverty, deprivation and exploitation force thousands of its own children down into a dark underworld.
  2. Tens of thousands of American children are thought to be sexually exploited every year.
  3. It is believed that every night hundreds are sold for sex.
  4. The FBI says child sex abuse is at an epidemic level, despite rescuing 600 children last year.
  5. People are trafficked into America from Mexico, Central and South America. But the vast majority of children are American kids.
  6. Women from the East coast to the Mid-West who have been neglected, abused, exploited and often ignored starting from a young age have similar stories.
  7. Even prosecuted by the very people who should have protected them.
  8. In Minnesota, half of the women were under the age of 18 when they were first sold for sex. Many of the others were not much older than 18.

It is an uphill battle to remain normal because the trafficked are drawn into a  big circle, tricked on the name of money and pleasure and they just keep going around and around.  A woman likens it to an addiction.

Women rescued by Breaking Free an advocacy group for a sense of normalcy and freedom from drugs and sex work.  It is cruel that even 12-year-old were sold for sex work in the world’s richest country.

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