China Builds World’s Largest Container Ship

Credits: Nathan Cima/Unsplash

On August 1, 2022, the world’s largest container ship was undocked in Shanghai, reports ECNS.

China builds world’s largest container ship

It is almost 400 meters long. Containers can be stacked to a maximum height equivalent to a 22-story building. The ship can carry 240,000 metric tons of cargo at a time, with a capacity of 24,116 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units). This vessel, the first of its kind made by China, has set a new world record.

On August 5, a Shanghai-based Chinese shipbuilder started building its fifth-generation liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier. Featuring cutting-edge technologies, this ultra large vessel can carry 174,000 cubic meters of LNG.

Leading shipbuilding nation

China has entered the race of the world’s top shipbuilders, securing a position in the international LNG shipbuilding market.

The main transport mode for global trade is ocean shipping. The sea carries more than 80 percent of the world’s traded goods. Accordingly, China has attached great importance to its shipbuilding industry. Statistics released by the China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry show that China’s shipbuilding sector continued to lead in global market in 2021, as its output, new, and holding orders accounted for about 50 percent of the world’s total. In 2022, the country’s shipbuilding output is expected to exceed 40 million metric tons.

China has become the world’s leading shipbuilding nation, and its shipbuilding industry has continued to lead globally. In the future, China will strive to further contribute to international transportation and trade.

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Source: ECNS


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