China Clones ‘Super Cows’: A Potential Game Changer!

Credit: Xavier von Erlach/Unsplash

According to state media, Chinese researchers have successfully cloned three cows that have an abnormally high milk production rate. These cloned cows can produce 50% more milk than the typical American cow, claim researchers, as reported by Business Insider.


Yes, China has cloned cows to produce more milk. In 2020, a Chinese biotech company called Boyalife Group claimed to have successfully cloned cows that can produce up to 50% more milk than normal cows. The company planned to use these cows to increase dairy production and meet the growing demand for milk in China. However, the scientific community has raised concerns about the ethical and safety implications of cloning animals for food production.

A game changer?

Cloning in the agriculture industry could potentially change the industry by allowing for the mass production of genetically identical crops, which can lead to higher yields, improved disease resistance, and better quality. However, it also raises ethical concerns and may have negative impacts on biodiversity. Additionally, it is still an emerging technology with limitations and challenges, so its widespread implementation and impact on the industry remain to be seen.


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Source: Business Insider




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