China Criticizes U.S. ‘Scapegoating’ Over Covid Origin Report


  • China criticizes U.S. ‘scapegoating’ over COVID origin report
  • “Scapegoating China cannot whitewash the U.S.,” says Fu Cong
  • The intelligence community has been “working expeditiously” to prepare an unclassified version for the public

China on Wednesday criticized the U.S. “politicization” of efforts to trace the origin of the coronavirus, demanding without any evidence that American labs be investigated, ahead of the release of a U.S. intelligence report on the virus says an article on Reuters.

Origin of the virus

The U.S. report is intended to resolve disputes among intelligence agencies considering different theories about how the coronavirus emerged, including a once-dismissed theory about a Chinese laboratory accident.

‘Scapegoating’ China

“Scapegoating China cannot whitewash the U.S.,” Fu Cong, director-general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ arms control department, told a briefing. U.S. President Joe Biden received a copy and was briefed on the classified report on Tuesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Wednesday.

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Source: Reuters


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