China Drafts Law To Punish Parents for Their Kids’ Bad Behaviour


Parents in China whose young children exhibit “very bad behavior” or commit crimes could face punishment under the proposed new legislation, reports CNN.

Family Education Promotion Law

If prosecutors detect bad or illegal behavior in children under their care, guardians will be chastised and required to participate in family education guidance programs, according to the draught of the family education promotion law.

“There are numerous causes for adolescents to misbehave, but a lack of or incorrect family education is the primary culprit,” said Zang Tiewei, a spokeswoman for the Legislative Affairs Commission of China’s rubber-stamp parliament, the National People’s Congress (NPC).

Parents are also encouraged to schedule time for their children to relax, play, and exercise, according to the draught family education promotion law, which will be discussed at the NPC Standing Committee session this week.

Blind Devotion

This year, Beijing has taken a more assertive paternalistic stance, attacking everything from children’s addiction to computer gaming (dubbed “spiritual opium”) to “blind” devotion of internet superstars.

The Education Ministry has recently reduced children’s gaming hours, allowing them to play online games for one hour only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Concerned about the tremendous academic strain on overburdened youngsters, it has also reduced homework and outlawed after-school tutoring for main subjects during weekends and holidays.

At the same time, China encourages young Chinese men to be more “manly” and less “feminine.”

In its “Proposal to Prevent the Feminization of Male Adolescents” issued in December, the Education Ministry urged schools to promote on-campus sports such as football.

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Source: CNN


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