China Is Almost Ready With Its First Space Station!


  • China is scheduled to finish building its space station by the end of the year.
  • In July, Wentian, the first lab module, was sent into space to dock with the core module.

China Space Station: How China is building its first space station, reports CTGN.


China’s space station is coming to completion. It’s orbiting Earth for around 400 kilometers above the surface. It now has a core module, a space lab, a manned spacecraft, and a cargo ship. The second space lab will shortly join them, creating a T shape. China has scheduled to finish manufacturing its space station by the end of 2022.

ZHENG YIBING, Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site “In April 2021, Tianhe, the core module of China Space Station was launched from Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site, beginning the station’s in-orbit assembly and less than two months later, taikonauts entered the station for the first time.”

In the Chinese space program, the time it takes to arrive in space has been shortened from 44 hours to just seven over the past 10 years. And taikonauts can stay in space for half a year.

China Manned Space Agency says the station will administer in orbit for more than ten years. The agency also said hundreds of experiments could be performed inside and outside the station, providing to the peaceful exploration of outer space.


ZHOU JIANPING, Chief Designer, China Manned Space Program “The biggest structure of the China Space Station consists of three modules and three spacecraft with a total weight of about 100 tons. It will be spectacular once it’s completed.”

HUANG WEIFEN, Chief Designer, Taikonaut System, China Manned Space Program “When we select taikonauts, we consider their personality and compatibility with the mission, and with each other. So far, the taikonaut team of China has three cohorts.”

ZHENG YIBING, Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site “The taikonauts have conducted life scientific experiments in the first lab module, particularly with thale cress and rice, and will do more in the second lab module where eight science experimental boxes mainly on physics studies are installed.”

ZHENG YIBING, Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site “China Space Station symbolizes the phased result of the country’s 30-year manned space program. And the country is planning new goals for space exploration and welcoming international cooperation. Zheng Yibing, CGTN, Wenchang.”

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Source: CTGN


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