China Tests Sniffers To Inspect Vessel Sulphur Emissions


According to a press release by Lloydslist, China has set up monitoring facilities on the Yangtze River for screening high-sulphur fuel.

What happened?

China has installed monitoring facilities on the Yangtze River, at Yangshan deep-water port, and on a patrol boat.

A Chinese ministry of transport researcher says the technology can screen vessels suspected of burning high-sulphur fuel before actual boarding takes place, making inspections more efficient.

Efficient inspections

Hu Jianbo tells an International Association of Ports and Harbors seminar in Guangzhou that sniffing technologies have drawbacks but are so far the most feasible solution to screen out suspects of emissions violations.

Origin of sulphur-sniffers

The application of the sniffers in shipping was initiated in Sweden and these sniffers are capable of measuring the vessels’ sulphur emissions.

These systems examine the ship’s exhaust gas plume and register the amount of sulphur in the fuel. These data are immediately sent and available to authorities, who can follow up if a ship does not comply with the requirements.

These technologies play a crucial role in the efficient implementation of the sulphur regulations. In the meantime, it ensures fair competition for shipping companies and less pollution from ships.

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Source: Lloydslist


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