China to Carry Out Fire Drills in Disputed Territory



Chinese armed forces have announced a practice fire drill exercises for three days in the disputed Taiwan Strait.  In a press statement, the Chinese Maritime Safety Administration designated coordinates just off the coast of the Chinese port city of Quanzhou for the fire drill exercises.  Exercise will commence on 11th September and end by 13th September. The notice was issued to keep shipping away from the danger zone.

In the meanwhile, Taiwanese tanks carried out a live-fire drill on Kinmen Island in the Taiwan Strait on 8 September.

Since 1949, Taiwan has owned and controlled two groups of Islands named the Kinmen and Wu-chiu.  Quanzhou Island lies between these two small groups of islands.  The Matsu Islands, lie close to the Chinese city of Fuzhou.

These groups of Islands were earlier heavily guarded to keep off Chinese invaders.  Now with improving trade relations, the troops have been cut down.

China has continued to use brute force to regain control over Taiwan ever since Taiwan announced itself an independent democratic state after the civil war with Chinese communists in 1949.  Even though China –Taiwan relationship has improved over the years with under the governance of Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou, there remain deep-seated suspicions from either side.  The Taiwanese Government has entered into a series of trade and economic pacts with China which have over the years brought the two countries closer.

Taiwanese intelligence is aware of China’s mock attack practice with their two new aircraft carriers on city targets modelled on places in Taiwan.

Source: Reuters


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