China To Reduce The Quarantine Time For Foreign-going Vessels


A recent news article published in the Sea Trade Maritime News states that China is reducing the quarantine time for foreign-going vessels which will be deployed on domestic routes after arriving at Chinese ports.

Document released by China

According to a document released by China’s Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Health Commission, General Administration of Customs and National Immigration Administration, before sailing for domestic market, the quarantine period for international trading vessel is to be reduced from 14 days to seven days from when the vessel arrived at the port of entry.

All the crew members on board the vessel will need to have five Covid tests during the seven coming days upon arrival.

Once the vessel completed the process for adjusting oceangoing routes to domestic routes, the crew members’ health monitoring period will be shortened from 14 days to three days, and will be required to take a covid-test on the third day.

The policy adjustment

The policy adjustment could shorten the waiting time of the vessels transferring from international to domestic market reducing operation costs for the owners and provide a stronger support for transportation demands.

China is continuing to maintain a zero Covid policy, however, has relaxed some its most stringent quarantine measures for international arrivals.


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Source: Sea Trade Maritime


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