China’s AI-Powered Cargo Ship Completes a Test Expedition

Credit: William William/Unsplash

From Nantong city in Jiangsu province, the “COSCO KHI 335,” a new generation high-performance ultra-large container ship built by China, embarked on a test cruise. The ship can hold 24 thousand 188 standard containers and has a load capacity of 228 thousand tonnes. It measures 399,99 metres in length, 61,3 metres in width, and 33,2 metres in mould depth, as reported by Railly News.


The size of the ship’s deck is equivalent to three conventional football fields. The ship has technical advantages such as being safe, energy-efficient, ecologically friendly and possessing high-level artificial intelligence thanks to the integration of cutting-edge technological advancements and artificial intelligence technologies. With its comprehensive performance, it not only attained the advanced level on the international stage; also, the ship’s intellectual property rights are wholly Chinese. A brand-new class of high-performance, extremely big container ships that were totally created and designed by Chinese institutes is the COSCO KHI 335.


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Source: Railly News


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