China’s Ambassador to the UK meets IMO Secretary-General

Credit: Cytonn Photography/Unsplash

On 14 April, H.E. Ambassador Zheng Zeguang visited the headquarters of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) at invitation and met with Secretary-General of the IMO Kitach Lim.

Promoting Global Shipping

Ambassador Zheng said, China appreciates the IMO and Secretary-General Lim’s effective work in recent years to promote the sound and sustainable development of the global shipping industry as well as the maritime capacity building of IMO Member States. 2023 marks the 50th Anniversary of the restoration of China’s IMO membership. As one of the world’s largest countries of shipping, ship-building and seafarers, China has deepened and broadened its participation in the work of the IMO and become integrated in global maritime governance in an all-round way. 

China has been an active participant in and an important contributor to IMO affairs and has benefited in a comprehensive way in this process. China stands ready, as always, to support the IMO and its Secretariat in furthering international maritime cooperation and to contribute its share to the sustainable development of the global shipping industry and the building of a maritime community with a shared future.

Achievement Applauded

Mr Lim congratulated China on the 50th anniversary of the restoration of its IMO membership and applauded the achievements China has made in its participation in global maritime governance and promotion of the shipping industry and its contributions in this regard. He thanked China for supporting the work of the IMO Secretariat and said that China has been playing a more and more crucial role in the important issues of common concern to the international shipping community, such as negotiations on maritime greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

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Source: Chinadaily