China’s First LNG Powered Rake Suction Dredger Steel Cutting

Credit: Dorian Mongel_unsplash

China’s first self-developed 15,000 cubic meters LNG clean energy powered rake suction dredger steel cutting in Shanghai, says an article published on Xinde marinenews.

Largest rake suction dredge

The ship is China’s first and the largest rake suction dredger with LNG clean energy powered system in the world.

Maximum capacity

Invested by CCCC Shanghai Dredging, designed by Marine Design and Research Institute of China, the ship has a total length of 155.7 meters, a width of 32 meters and a full draft of 9.9 meters.

The designed mud tank has a maximum capacity of 17,000 cubic meters, which can fill six international swimming pools.

Rake suction information system

The ship design concept is related to the “carbon peak and carbon neutrality” and green port. The ship fueled by LNG has the same power index as diesel engine, and can reduce 90% nitrogen oxides and 20% carbon dioxide emissions, and eliminate sulfur oxides and particulate matter emissions.

Equipped with automatic tracking, dredging control, PMS and other conventional rake suction dredger information system, will realize the “unmanned dredging” function in China for the first time.

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Source: Xinde marinenews