Chinese Ship Repair Quality Standards By COSCO



COSCO shipyard has prepared “Chinese ship repair quality standards” as a part of their operating procedure. This procedure ensures compliance of systematic and comprehensive quality standards by the Chinese ship repair industry.

The national marine vessel Standardization Technical Committee has posted its review on the standards to be followed on ship repair. COSCO shipyard has consolidated the reviewed requirements and has penned down the procedural modifications that are to be checked on ship repair quality standards.  This makes China the world’s first to launch a complete repair quality standards.

COSCO Shipyard’s sub-project lead unit along with Tianjin Institute of ship repair and Shipbuilding Chengxi Shipyard together completed this standard-setting work.


  • The standard is based on international maritime conventions, regulatory requirements, combined with the development of shipbuilding industry.
  • The scope of the standard focuses on
    • Normative references
    • General
    • Hull construction
    • Dock repair engineering
    • Marine engineering
    • Deck machinery
    • Outfitting
    • Piping
    • Electrical engineering
    • Air conditioning
    • Refrigeration and ventilation equipment
    • Fire protection engineering
    • Painting works and special equipment
  • The standard comprises of 14 chapters, involving ship repair materials, content engineering inquest points, quality requirements, quality control concerning on the repair process of external inspection projects.

Source: COSCO Group Shipyard



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