Chinese Shipbuilder Delivers A Personalised Shuttle Tanker

Credits: Fredrick Filix/ Unsplash
  • NS Pioneer, a shuttle tanker with a loading capacity of 155,000 tonnes, was delivered to its customer on Thursday, in northeast China’s harbour city of Dalian, said the shipbuilder.
  • The shipyard stated that the customized tanker has been delivered to CNOOC Petrochemicals Import &Export Co., Ltd., and will be put into service to transport oil produced by the deep-water oil fields of Buzios and Mero, Brazil.

According to the shipbuilder, NS Pioneer, a shuttle tanker with a 155,000-ton loading capacity, was delivered to its customer on Thursday in Dalian, a harbour city in northeast China, as reported by People.

The 279-meter tanker can operate in waters with depths above 1,000 metres thanks to its industry-leading dynamic positioning and bow loading technologies, according to the Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd.

Oil transportation 

The tanker was handed to CNOOC Petrochemicals Import &Export Co., Ltd., according to the shipyard, and will be used to transport oil from Brazil’s deep-water oil resources at Buzios and Mero.

According to Li Jiming, project manager for the shipyard, “the climate in the waters where the Brazilian deep-water oil reserves are located is changeable, with high winds and waves and harsh environmental conditions, which needs the quality dynamic positioning capabilities of the tanker.”

According to Li, the ship can maintain its location at sea without anchoring, which removes the restrictions brought on by anchor lengths.

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Source: People


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