Shipping To Be on High Alert in The NW Black Sea


NATO has issued a warning over the potential for collateral damage on civilian shipping in the north-west of the Black Sea and it also highlighted the risk of mines in this area, reports Bunker spot.

The warning

The organisation advised shipping to stay in close contact with national and local maritime authorities, and to document any incidents and report them via national channels and to local maritime authorities.

NATO also pointed to the ‘large number’ of navigation warning that have been issued, including in relation to mine danger areas.

‘Shipping is encouraged to stay well informed about these and keep well clear of the areas as well as warships and military crafts,’ it said.

‘It should always be taken into account that the situation may develop further during a voyage.’

The escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine has already taken a toll on shipping. A third engineer was killed last night after a missile strike on the Bangladesh-flagged bulk carrier, Banglar Samriddhi, which was at anchor at Olvia port on the Black Sea.

Dryad Global reports that seven other commercial vessels have been involved in incidents since the start of hostilities. It notes that three vessels have been detained and another four have been hit by missiles, including the Yasa Jupiter on 24 February, and the Namura Queen and the Millennial Spirit on 25 February.

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Source: Bunker spot


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