Class NK Releases Mobile App for PSC Inspection


Joseph Maguire – extract from the Ship Owners’ club blogs

Leading classification society Class NK has released the ARRIVAL CHECKLIST for PSC, the preparatory checklist mobile app for PSC inspections.

ARRIVAL CHECKLIST for PSC digitalizes the updated contents of Class NK’s PORT STATE INSPECTIONS POCKET CHECKLIST and is now available for smartphones and tablets.

ARRIVAL CHECKLIST for PSC allows users to access the checklist with greater ease and efficiency during preparatory checks of onboard equipment and others prior to arrival into port. The app was developed as a ship management solution to help minimize the risk of PSC detentions and deficiencies.

The app categorizes items that are frequently pointed out as deficiencies at PSC inspections by location. Inspection results can be input into the system along with notes and photographs for each corresponding checklist item. As a support feature, users have the option of creating a PDF version of the completed results, which can be forwarded shore side. Through the app, users can also confirm the statistical data and the probability of detainable deficiencies across a number of major PSC areas. Updates are available for the checklist and statistics to ensure the app has the latest PSC data.

ARRIVAL CHECKLIST for PSC mobile app is available for download from the App Store for iOS / Google Play for Android.