Classic Panamax Boxships Tipped for Massive Price Appreciation


Classic panamax boxships ranging in size from 3,000 to 5,999 teu are tipped by online pricing portal VesselsValue to appreciate by more than 40% through to 2022, leading all other major shipping sectors, says an article published in Splash website.

Motive behind partnership

VesselsValue has partnered with Oslo-based shipping consultancy firm ViaMar to provide future market values for individual vessel segment in the tanker, bulker, container and LPG fleet.

Four sectors trend

The overall trend in the four sectors is for vessel prices to remain flat or decline this year before picking up around the middle of 2020, likely peaking by the start of 2022.

Minimal ordering of VesselsValue

VesselsValue has been bullish on classic panamax boxships and this segment saw massive scrapping three years ago and has since seen very minimal ordering.

Court smith’s Outlook

“Panamax container vessels have increased their speed from the start of 2019, a positive indicator of demand. The intra-Asia trade is critical for these ships, but they continue to see wide usage in other ports globally as ports continue to adapt to larger, more economical ships. The diversity of the ports these ships are traveling to has increased since the start of 2013, making them less dependent on one specific trade.”

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Source: Splash 247


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