ClassNK Grants Innovation Endorsement To Blue Visby Platform


ClassNK has granted its Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions to Blue Visby Services’ platform for reducing shipping’s GHG emissions. In a statement issued, the classification society noted that the Blue Visby solution aims to reduce shipping GHG emissions by up to15% by ‘eradicating the practice of Sail Fast, then Wait (SFTW)

The system does this by ‘systemically optimising the ocean passage, regardless of whether or not the port of destination has a Just-in-Time (JiT) berthing system in place’. It is designed to provide participating vessels with environmentally optimal, and dynamically optimized, target arrival times, which take into account the overall conditions at the port, weather, and the position and course of other ships steaming to the same destination. The system only provides target arrival times, while allowing participating vessels to use their own weather routing or voyage planning software.

ClassNK added that the Blue Visby Solution is not aiming to provide voyage optimisation to individual ships, but to ‘deliver environmental optimisation of the ocean passage of the group of participating ships, as a system’.

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Source: ClassNK