ClassNK Issues Type Approval Certificate for CBM Management Software


ClassNK has issued a type approval certificate for the Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) management software “SVESSEL CBM” developed by Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), according to an article published on their website.

IoT technology

CBM has garnered attention as an elemental technology for autonomous ships being developed against the background of advancements in sensing and IoT technology in recent years, as it enables the remote real-time monitoring and diagnosis of the condition of engines etc., serving as a key enabler for maintenance automation.

In response to the growing interest in utilizing CBM in ship management for the sake of safe operation and reducing operational costs, ClassNK has established Part B Annex 9.1.3 of its “Rules for the Survey and Construction of Steel Ships” which outlines detailed requirements for using CBM in class survey.

Receiving an application from SHI, ClassNK carried out an examination of “SVESSEL CBM” based on the Part B of its “Rules for the Survey and Construction of Steel Ships”. Upon confirming it complies with the prescribed requirements, ClassNK issued a type approval certificate.

Dr. Toshiro Arima, Executive Vice President / Director of Research and Development Division, ClassNK, said, “It is a great honor to issue a type approval for “SVESSEL CBM”. As SHI and ClassNK move forward with collaboration towards an actual project in the next step, ClassNK will continue to provide necessary support through its technical expertise.”

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Source: Class NK