ClassNK Releases Container Carrier Firefighting Guidelines

Credits: Arny Mogensen/Unsplash

ClassNK has released “Guidelines for Additional Fire-fighting Measures for Container Carrier“, which specify requirements for indicating additional fire safety measures on container carriers as a class notation.

Fire-fighting measures for container carrier

With the expansion of logistics and the growth in ship sizes, the characteristics and loading methods of cargo carried by ships have increasingly diversified. To achieve a higher level of safety, efforts are being made to implement additional fire-fighting measures beyond the mandatory requirements of the SOLAS and class rules. In particular, for container carriers engaged in a wide variety of cargo transportation, considerations for the installation of detection and fire-fighting equipment to mitigate fire risks are progressing.

Based on the research of trends related to such equipment, ClassNK has developed “Guidelines for Additional Fire-fighting Measures for Container Carrier” as requirements for evaluation. According to these guidelines, ClassNK is going to grant a notation on the container carrier to indicate the implementation of additional fire safety measures.

Moreover, responding to the recent increase in the transportation of electric vehicles, ClassNK plans to issue guidelines for car carriers that are also implementing additional fire safety measures. ClassNK will continue to work on providing necessary guidance and certification services to support initiatives pursuing further safety.

The guidelines are available to download via ClassNK’s website for those who have registered for the ClassNK “My Page”.

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Source: ClassNK


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