ClassNK Releases Report “ClassNK Alternative Fuels Insight” To Support Future Fuel Selection


  • ClassNK has published the “ClassNK Alternative Fuels Insight” report to aid customers in selecting appropriate fuels for the future.
  • As the maritime industry faces increasing pressure to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, understanding alternative fuels’ characteristics and trends is crucial.
  • The report covers regulations, adoption trends, fuel characteristics, supply prospects, costs, and ClassNK’s cost simulations to provide comprehensive insights.

The report outlines GHG-related regulations by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the European Union (EU), highlighting their impact on the maritime transport sector’s future.

Analysis of Adoption Trends

It provides an overview of alternative fuel adoption trends across various ship types and sizes, offering insights into industry preferences and potential future trajectories.

Exploration of Alternative Fuels

The report delves into the characteristics of each alternative fuel, including cost, supply prospects, and other relevant factors. It aims to facilitate informed decision-making by providing detailed information on available options.

Cost Considerations and Simulations

ClassNK explains the cost factors associated with fuel transitions and shares the results of its cost simulations. This section helps stakeholders understand the financial implications of adopting alternative fuels.

As the maritime industry evolves to meet sustainability goals, ClassNK remains committed to supporting its customers through informative resources like the “ClassNK Alternative Fuels Insight” report.

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Source: ClassNK