Clean Arctic Alliance Vs IMO


IMO did not approve the voluntary measure against Arctic black carbon emissions, after Russia, China and other members raised objections, reports Safety4Sea.

Heavy fuel oil to cleaner distillate fuels

According to sources, while there was a nearly unanimous support at MEPC 77 for a resolution urging ships in or near the Arctic to switch from heavy fuel oil to cleaner distillate fuels, Russia, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia and the International Chamber of Shipping said more emissions data was necessary, on different fuel types and engines before they could support such a resolution.

Clean Arctic Alliance

Earlier, the Clean Arctic Alliance had called on the IMO to protect the Arctic by implementing a rapid decrease in emissions of black carbon from shipping.

Clean Arctic Alliance supports the proposal for a resolution submitted to MEPC 77, that calls on ships operating in and near the Arctic to move from heavier, more polluting fuel oils to lighter distillate fuels with low aromaticity or other cleaner alternative fuels or methods of propulsion.

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Source: Safety4Sea


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