Clean Energy Boosts LNG Production To Fuel Pasha Hawaii’s LNG-Powered Ships


  • Clean Energy, a US-based liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplier, has significantly expanded its production capacity to meet the growing demand for cleaner marine fuel.
  • Clean Energy completed construction of a third production train at its Boron, California LNG plant, increasing capacity by 50% to 270,000 gallons per day.

The additional production is specifically dedicated to supplying LNG fuel for Pasha Hawaii’s three new LNG-powered container ships. These vessels will operate between key ports in the US, including Long Beach, Oakland, and Honolulu.

LNG for Cleaner Shipping

The expansion highlights the growing adoption of LNG as a cleaner alternative to traditional marine fuels. LNG reduces emissions of sulfur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and particulate matter, contributing to cleaner air quality in ports and coastal regions.

Meeting the Demand

Clean Energy’s strategic investment ensures a reliable supply of LNG for Pasha Hawaii’s new fleet. This collaboration demonstrates a positive step towards a more sustainable maritime industry.

Future of LNG in Shipping

While LNG offers environmental benefits compared to traditional fuels, the long-term role of LNG in achieving clean shipping goals remains a topic of discussion. Technological advancements in alternative fuels like hydrogen and bio-LNG are also being explored for a greener future of maritime transportation.

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Source: Engine Online