Climate Change Is a Monumental Challenge


  • Climate change is a monumental challenge. 
  • It is clear that without action in the near term, the impact of humans on our planet will lead to irreversible shifts to ecosystems.
  • Much needs to be done to combat climate change.

We all have to do our part to avoid warming the planet . In this regard, Svitzer the world’s largest towage provider, recognizes that it has an important role to play and a position to influence industry standards.

Towards Decarbonization 

Towage plays a small yet significant role in the global supply chain. Svitzer links the first and last mile of shipping to the remainder of the chain but, paradoxically, is not always bound by shipping regulations. This is particularly true in the environment, where we find ourselves having to create our own momentum for sustainability change. Recently a new decarbonization strategy to become fully carbon neutral by 2040 was released. This is an ambitious goal, far outstripping the current IMO target of a 50% reduction in emissions by 2050. We are dedicated to investing time and capital to embed sustainability throughout our business. The work has already begun to progress towards the first phase of the strategy, which is to reduce the CO2 intensity of the entire Svitzer fleet by 50% by 2030.

Strategy For The Future

A White Paper was published to outline how Svitzer intends to reach these goals and dive into some of the tangible progress they have already made. It talks about the key pillars of the strategy and about the next steps on the road to the future.  However, it isn’t something that can be done alone. Decarbonizing towage – let alone all of shipping – will require new partnerships so we are actively looking for new partners to co-create the road to success. Svitzer wants to partner not just on the things it knows in the sector, but to draw on learnings from other industries that are experiencing the same transition. They are ready to be challenged and to rapidly innovate as they scale up their quest for sustainable towage and greener ports. 

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Source: Svitzer



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