Cloud Platform Installed to Optimise Hybrid Propulsion


Hurtigruten Expedition (HX) has turned to Kongsberg Digital to deliver cloud infrastructure and performance monitoring services for its new hybrid-propulsion cruise ship Roald Amundsen, reports Riviera.

Kongsberg Digital

Kongsberg Digital will provide its Vessel Insight cloud-based platform and Vessel Performance application to support the 2019-built vessel’s power management, port charging and electrical systems.

This application will gather information from the vessel’s sensors and onboard data points, enabling its analysis by crew and onshore managers to further enhance the vessel’s operational capabilities and sustainability.

Roald Amundsen is an expedition cruise ship built with Kongsberg Maritime design and technology, including environmentally sustainable hybrid technology, dynamic positioning, stabilisers and an integrated automation system.

It was tailored for polar voyages with hybrid propulsion harnessing electrical power to reduce emissions for eco-friendly voyages.

HX intends to install Kongsberg Digital’s infrastructure in Q2 2024 as part of its digital transformation of the expedition cruises. HX plans to install cloud-based platforms on other ships in the future.

Connection with cloud infrastructure in Arctic and Antarctic seas is only possible through low earth orbit (LEO) satellites, which provide global coverage.

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Source: Riviera