CMA CGM To Go With French Ballast Water Treatment “BIO UV”.



The year 2015 has seen significant changes or improvements when it comes to shipping emissions, pollution prevention and energy efficiency.  More companies are opting for ECO-Vessels and different ways to cut down on emissions.

The French container giant – CMA CGM is one of the leading companies which occupies the headlines of any maritime news regularly.

Recently the company was announced to the first to carry cargo the “SMART” way with an automatic container tracking system and a mobile app to track the container shipments. You can read those news items and other details here:

  1. It Is Time For “Container Monitoring” – CMA CGM
  2. CMA CGM: A Mobile Application For Container Tracking..?

Now CMA CGM is once again on the news.  The only French ballast water treatment supplier, BIO-SEA by BIO-UV, has signed a new contract to supply 3 systems for the 20600 TEUs CMA CGM biggest container vessels new building projects.  The vessels will be equipped with BWTS BIO-SEA2100 (2100m³/h).  The vessels will, therefore, be equipped with the latest environmental technologies and the BIO-SEA BWTS representing, therefore, one of the greenest goods transport means in the world.

Source: CMA CGM


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