Coca-Cola Becomes First Global Partner For River Clean-Up Project


Ocean plastic pollution has become a global crisis, and, rivers are the arteries that carry plastic from land to sea and COCA-COLA to help accelerate cleanup, says an article from Theoceancleanup.

The need for Ocean Cleanup

1000 are responsible for nearly 80% of riverine plastic emitting into our oceans– this issue intensifies every day. With this understanding, The Ocean Cleanup is continually looking for ways to speed up the roll-out of its interventions. Their goal is to tackle these most polluting rivers with our Interceptor solutions.

To Achieve Clean Oceans By 2040

According to Ocean Cleanup, partnerships have been instrumental to their cleanup efforts since they started and will be crucial for achieving clean oceans by 2040. For example, through their partnership with Maersk, they can conduct their vessel operations and manage logistics; and with Konecranes, the Interceptors can be manufactured and maintained at a higher capacity.

And now, by welcoming Coca-Cola as the first Global Implementation Partner, they believe this is a pragmatic step that allows them to be more impactful.

“If we can continue to combine the strengths of other organizations with our science and technology, we can collectively solve this issue.”

  • The Ocean Cleanup and Coca-Cola are partnering to deploy Interceptors and expedite river projects.
  • The partnership connects The Ocean Cleanup’s technology and data solutions with Coca-Cola’s scale and global network.
  • Over the course of 18 months, the partnership will facilitate the deployment of Interceptors in fifteen rivers around the world and accelerate cleanup.
  • Because many plastic bottles are captured during our cleanup operations, including Coca-Cola packaging, we are happy to see Coca-Cola take this step and hope it will give rise to others in the industry to also join in on cleaning up the environment.

Expanding interceptor deployments

Connecting Coca-Cola’s scale and global network with The Ocean Cleanup’s technology and data solutions, this partnership aims to expedite the deployment of Interceptors across fifteen rivers worldwide by the end of 2022.

Safeguard waterways

“As a global business, we are working to ensure that all of the material we use in our packaging is collected and recycled, so that none of it ends up as waste”, said James Quincey, Chairman, and CEO, The Coca-Cola Company. “We support The Ocean Cleanup teams and technologies that are working to protect ocean ecosystems in the journey to safeguard our waterways.”

Partnership For A Clean Planet By 2022

It is no secret that many plastic bottles end up in the environment, including Coca-Cola packaging. Ultimately, single-use plastics do not have a future.

“It is, therefore, logical for companies like Coca-Cola to step in and help us solve this part of the problem, as a supplement to driving improvements in their own supply chain. As the first in the industry to join our mission, we hope Coca-Cola’s partnership with us will set an example for other global players to follow in suit.”

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Source: The Ocean Cleanup


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