Coffee-free Ways to Start Your day



Do you always feel that a cup of coffee is the best way to start a day?

Could there be any other alternatives to it.

One other idea suggested is hot water with lime.

A cup of hot water with fresh lemon juice can start a refreshing day.

Reasons to bring this as a routine in your morning diet:

It detoxifies. Lemon is acidic, but is also a good source of alkaline food to balance body’s pH. The combination of hot water and lemon wakes up liver and flushes unwanted toxins.

It improves the gastrointestinal tract by improving the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and refreshes the passage  line of food.

Lemon juice contains a soluble fiber that helps in weight loss.  So having this combination every morning with sugar and honey helps in weight loss.

It also cures the bloated belly and heartburn.  The hot water cleans the system and lemon juice reduces acidity in stomach.

What can help us is in the choice we make between Caffeine rich coffee or health enriching hot water with lemon juice.