Collision Of High Speed Ferries


Two high-speed ferries suffered a collision while sailing out of Piraeus port on Thursday and the collision did not result in any fatalities or injuries.


Two high-speed ferries, Champion Jet-1 and Athina had a collision while exiting the Piraeus Port in Greece.  There were 297 passengers on Champion Jet-1 and 60 passengers on Athina.  The Athina was on the way for Agistiri and Aigina whereas Jet-1 was moving towards the islands of Sifnos, Milos, Los and Thira.  As reported by Hellenic Coast Guard, there have been no injuries to passengers but both the vessels have suffered a substantial damage.

The Port Authority has detained both the ships and would release them only after the confirmation that there was no fluid leakage from either ship.  Currently, both the ferries are due for their inspection and were provisionally prohibited to sail. The refunds for tickets were released to passengers on both ships.

On the same day, there was another mishap reported by Hellenic Coast Guard involving a general cargo vessel, Wittenbergen.  The cargo vessel, owned by Arkon shipping, ran aground off the island of Kithira.  There is no report of any injuries to the vessel’s eight crew members.


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