[Watch] Collision of Ships on River Crossing


“Wec van Ruysdael” crashes into “Paula” on starboard side and steering to hard to port..

Watch the collision in the bolbous bow.  The collision lasted for about  0:05 secs.  The yaw of the WEC Line ship sez so.  For all their really low speed these ship probably pack more inertia than a train moving at 10 times the speed.

Perceptions :

Twentsekoffieleut 1 year ago

Based on the surrounding (for a brief moment you can see the industrial area of Moerdijk) and the titel of the movie; the accident happened at the river crossing of ‘Hollands Diep’ and the ‘Dordtsche Kil’.  I assume that the ship came from the east and had to go to the north. For this, ‘Wec van Ruysdael’ had to take a sharp turn to the right, but the ship (probably) moved to fast and ended up on the wrong side of the river ‘Dordtsche Kil’

RSBSTEADICAM 3 years ago in reply to Everett Cox

The Federal Rules of the Road mandate the turn to Starboard.  As a MC myself I always envision a courtroom but somehow rule #3 is always the first violated!  

Robert Chetwynd 3 years ago

The green ship was at fault.

arvind soorada 2 years ago in reply to ondaquadra

when you know the collision cannot be avoided the best thing to do is take it it on the bow because the bow is a collision bulkhead it is much thicker than any part of the ship and is strengthened for the same purpose !

Source: Ronald Verkerk on YouTube


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