Coltraco Ultrasonics Launches Portamonitor


Coltraco Ultrasonics has unveiled a miniature Portamonitor which can be used onboard ships to identify mechanically deteriorated bearings.


Complementing the Coltraco’s range of Portascanner Watertight devices, the miniature Portamonitor is designed to enable testing of bearings and rotating machinery on board ships and naval vessels.


  • It detects high frequency ultrasonic stress waves associated with friction and other faults with machinery in poor condition.
  • It enables to monitor the bearings in motors, pumps, fans, gearboxes and other rotating machinery applications.
  • It has two outputs – a decibel reading and a Distress level which are both measured and displayed simultaneously by the Portamonitor.
  • Coltraco offers a maintenance and calibration package in line with standards advised by BS EN ISO 1705, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and Indian Standards.

Source: Coltraco


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